Boolean Game

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Basic Boolean Operations:

& (conjunction), denoted x & y, satisfies x & y = 1 if x = y = 1 and x & y = 0 otherwise.

or (disjunction), denoted x or y, satisfies x or y = 0 if x = y = 0 and x or y = 1 otherwise.

not (negation), denoted not x, satisfies not x = 0 if x = 1 and not x = 1 if x = 0.

nor (negation of or), denoted not x & not y, satisfies x nor y = 1 if x = y = 0 and x nor y = 0 otherwise.

Game Rules:

You are given a boolean expression and 9 boxes (3 colors x 3 numbers).

Click on one or multiple boxes that satisfy the boolean expression.

You will receive 1 point for every correct box you click on.

The game is over if you select an incorrect box.

As you get more points, the boolean expression will get harder.